About Cumplo

We seek to address inequality in access to capital for small and medium Latin American companies in order to accelerate their growth.
We seek to address inequality in access to capital for small and medium Latin American companies in order to accelerate their growth.

We connect small and medium companies in need of financing with investors and institutions that are willing to invest in their dreams and projects.
Our mission is to solve inequality in access to capital for SMEs in Peru, Mexico and Chile. We offer them financing alternatives that help them obtain liquidity fast, simply and at a fair rate, so they can grow and develop.

What makes us different?

We charge fair rates
We deliver realistic solutions for your SME, based on what you can afford at the moment and your current situation
We are transparent
You will know all the terms and conditions of our transactions before you agree to them, and we will never charge you hidden costs
We believe in SMEs
Your dreams are our engine, and our mission is to help you achieve them
We understand what you need
We know how important liquidity is to stay in business, and we'll do our best to help you get it
We listen to you
We offer you products with rates you can afford, so your business can keep running and we can continue working together

Our history


We founded Cumplo in Chile.

We created the first collaborative financing platform in Latin America, which initially provided loans to individuals.


Cumplo begins operations.

The first years were difficult. Some saw us as a threat, accused us of breaking the law, but true to our purpose, we moved forward.


We become a B Company.

This means that we seek to be better for the world, incorporating social and environmental impact in our results. Cumplo was the first Latin American fintech to obtain this certification.


We focus on SMEs.

We started working with small and medium companies, through short-term loans.


First institutional fund is added.

Endurance, now Venturance, starts operating on our platform, allowing us to accelerate financing to thousands of SMEs.


We arrived in Mexico.

This, in order to expand our network and renew our commitment to building a fairer financial market. In June of that year we financed our first 100 thousand dollars.


We connected with pension funds.

We made an alliance with Moneda Asset Management, to accelerate payments to SME suppliers of the largest companies in Chile.


US$1 billion in amounts financed.

We reached one of our first major milestones in cumulative amounts financed to SMEs in Latin America.


Fasanara joins Cumplo.

The English fund joins our network to finance thousands of Mexican SMEs.


We have arrived in Peru,

with financing alternatives for companies.

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Somos Empresa B. Trabajamos por una economía más justa y medimos nuestro impacto con la comunidad y con el planeta.